How to Calculate Rough Cost Estimate For Building

what is Rough cost estimate:

Rough cost estimate is also called approximate estimate. Because in approximate estimate we can find out the estimation of building an approximatly.This is an inexact estimate to find out a rough cost in a short time which enables the authority concerned to consider the financial aspect of the scheme, for according sanction to the same. Such an estimate is framed after knowing the rate of similar works and from practical knowledge in various ways for various types of works such as.

Approximate estimate can find out with the help of Plinth area or square-meter , Approximate quantities with bill,Cubic rate or cubic meter and The cost of materials and labor. so we can find out the approximate or rough cost estimate with these method which i have discussed. so the approximate estimate is generally used for rough cost estimate, which are just used for simple project. but remember this estimate is not accurate in construction works, because this is just approximate quantity.


Prepare rough cost estimate of residential building having plinth area of 250 m square and 30 meter long boundary wall. Rate of construction may be taken as Rs. 3250/m square and rate of construction for the boundary wall as Rs 1200/m may be taken. cost for water supply and sanitary may be consider as 8% , where as for electric supply and gas supply as 8% and 4% respectively . 3 percent of total cost may be added for contingencies in this estimate.



Plaint area of the building                         =    250 sq.m

Rate of construction                                   =    Rs. 3250/sq.m

Cost of construction                                    = 250 x 3250 = Rs.  812500

Length of boundary wall                          = 30 m

Cost of construction per meter              = Rs  1200/m

Cost of construction of this wall             =  12 x 30 = 36000

Total cost of construction                        = 812500 + 36000

=     Rs . 848500


Cost of water supply and sanitary =  848500 x 8 / 100

= Rs.  67880

Cost of electric supply                    = 848500 x 8 / 100 = Rs 67880

Cost for gas supply                          = 848500 x 4 / 100 =Rs  33940

Grand Total = 848500 + 67880 +67880 + 33940

= Rs . 1018200

Extra cost of contingencies = 1018200 x 3 / 100

= Rs .30546

Total cost of building = 1018200 + 30546 =   Rs. 1048746

Note: The above article or the quantity is just for the approximate estimate or its also called rough cost estimate. Because we can not use here the detail estimate.

We have different types of estimation which are given below.

1: Approximate Estimate or Rough cost Estimate

2: Detailed Estimate

Proximate: or rough cost estimate is just use for to find out the approximate cost of building in minimum time and but is will be not the Accurate quantity or estimation just rough cost estimate.

Detailed Estimate : this kind of estimate is used for any building or project. But in this kind of estimation we are able to find out the estimation of building in detail mean all the specification should be take to find out the accurate estimate for any project. detailed estimate can find out with the help of reports , specification , detailed of the drawing , index plans , the basis of rates adopted in the estimate and design data with calculation. than we are able to find out the detailed estimate for any project.

therefore we have to find out any project estimation with the second method ( Detailed Estimate) which will give us the good result for our project.

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah (     Source