Formwork Slab and Types you can Use in Construction

Formwork in construction is the use of support structures and moulds to create structures out of concrete which is poured into the moulds. Formwork can be made using moulds out of steel, wood, aluminium and/or prefabricated forms. Formwork is an ancillary construction, used as a mould for a structure.There are several types of formwork slabs that are used lately. You can construct the […]

Basic Civil Engineering Knowledge

There are certain general points every civil engineer should know to make his work easier. Here, we are going to present some Basic Civil Engineering Knowledge so this is a must read for all civil engineers. Cement’s intial setting time should be 30 min(Minimum) and 90 min(maximum). Final setting time of cement should be=10 hours What […]

Modern Stairs With Built-in Handrails

Built-in handrails look great and take up less space than typical handrails that are mounted on the wall. They can be made of wood, build in the concrete wall, marble, and decorated with LED lights. Take a look at these modern stairs with built-in handrails that you would absolutely love to have.   Source.

How To Analyze Concrete Block Work Perfectly

SL Khan, the famous civil engineer explained in following video tutorial how to analyze concrete block work. By analysis we mean just to calculate the total block work, mortar in block work, number of blocks, cement and sand in block work. The steps of analysis are: 1) Determine the total Gross block work. ( in cu.m or […]

Bridge | Components and classification

A bridge is a structure providing passage over an obstacle without closing the way beneath. The required passage may be for a road, a railway, pedestrians, a canal or a pipeline. The obstacle to be crossed may be a river, a road, railway or a valley. There are many types of bridges and they can […]

Brief Types of Truss Overview in Different Frame Structures

Almost everything contains an internal structure and can be supposed to be a “structure”. This construction article will facilitate you to work out the forces which are transferred by these structures in order that it becomes possible for an engineer to determine whether the structure has the capability to withstand these forces or not. “Loads” operating […]

Constructive Details in Autocad dwg

On the link below you can download Constructive details in dwg format of many segments of the construction. They are ready made in Autocad. Plants and elevations of generic sections in round pillars of reinforced concrete (round columns of reinforced concrete) are made with the arrangement of the main assembly and the abutments for the formation […]