Buildings and the Important Features

Buildings are made to serve more people and to satisfy the need of all those working or living in. For starters, there are important features that should be considered in the planning and the construction of the building. First of all, the architects and the engineers should pay attention to the layout of the building […]

Dimension of the Perfect Wardrobe for Any Home

Dimension of the perfect wardrobe may instantly tickle the attention of the most women and girls. Just imagine that you have your own perfect wardrobe. Certainly, you can imagine the order and the organization in it, all of the seasonal clothes, dresses, shoes, bags. And all that in the correct spot without any clutter and […]

Entire House Plan for a Stunning Home

Entire detailed plan for the amazing home. As you can see on the pictures below, the house catches your attention on the first sight. If we start for the facade and the exterior, the house seems very inviting and very modern. The facade and the exterior is the perfect combination of wood, stone, concrete, lights […]

De-Shuttering Of Formwork OR Formwork Removal Time

DE-SHUTTERING OF CONCRETE. In this Article I will show you that what is the formwork removal time Or De-shuttering of formwork in detail. briefly explains the process required for de-shuttering of formwork as well as the time period to remove the formwork from column, walls, beam, slab, staircase, foundation footing etc. The removal of concrete […]

Checklist For Column Concreting

Checklist For Column Concreting FORM/FORMAT Checklist no. Title: Checklist For Column Concreting. Rev. , dated Building Location Date. Grade of concrete= M Grade of steel = Sr. No. Activity Acceptance Criteria Observation Column starter. Shall be free of honey combing, edge being not broken & laitance removed with coarse aggregate top exposed compulsorily. Provision of […]

The desired compressive strength of concrete cube

Compressive strength is a vital factor parameter to find out the performance of the material throughout service conditions. Complete strength of a structure like flexural resistance and abrasion are directly based on the compressive strength of concrete. Compressive Strength of concrete is described as the Characteristic strength of 150mm size concrete cubes which are examined […]


In this construction article i will teach you the different types of cement and their uses in construction works. Because for different construction works we used  different type of cement, therefore its depend on the construion works. Types of Cement and the uses.  RAPID HARDENING CEMENT  SULFATE RESISTING CEMENT  HYDROPHOBIC CEMENT  PORTLAND BLAST FURNACE CEMENT […]