Important Notes For Civil Engineers

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS. Minimum 1 inch spacing between bars in beams according to ACI code. Curtailment at ends in case of simply supported beams L/8 from face of support. For continuous beams curtailment at L/3. Maximum spacing for stirrups is 12 inch. If reinforcement is provided in two layers then 1 inch distance […]

Design Of Water Tank

DESIGN OF WATER When You want to Design water Tank for a Small Family or School ,  House , College and Industries etc. So First Of All we have to Find Out the average of water for per/day/capita. Let to Start Start the Example  that how to Design the Water Tank for a Small family. […]

How To Become A Civil Engineer | Civil Engineer Careers

To become a successful civil engineer, the following knowledge is essential :- Building materials testing processes Concrete Test : Slump test, compression test, split tensile test, soundness Soil Test : Core cutter test, compaction test, sand replacement test, triaxial test, consolidation test etc. Bitumen Test : Ductility test, softening point test, gravity test, penetration test […]