How to make use of excel to make computation for labors needed in Plain Cement Concrete or concrete job

In this construction videotape seminar, extensive procedure is offered for measuring the quantity of efforts in excel spreadsheet that is essential for achieving Plain Cement Concrete or concrete job. The amount of essential labors and their estimates for Plain Cement Concrete or concrete job are obtained from a usual Daily Site Report Book. Microsoft Excel […]

Role of Planning Engineer In Construction Projects

Role of Planning Engineer In Construction Projects Planning Engineer plays an important role in Construction Projects to maintained work at allotting time at the age of completion. Planning is often considered as of the key area in Project Management. The key to a Planning Engineer is to have a better understanding of the scope of […]

Quality Control Measures

Study duties responsibilities, Tender specification, standards, codes of practice and work instruction. Evolve effective acceptance/rejection procedures for constructionmaterials in coordination with the project purchase department. Do proper sampling and testing of steel, cement, concrete, aggregates, water, etc., and verify test results in view of standards and work specificationsprior to their use in construction. Also control […]

Some useful construction tips to enhance the fire resistance capacity of concrete

The concrete materials with their property provide a significant impact in controlling fire that may occur in a building. In some cases, the temperature of concrete enhances quickly and leads to spalling. To make the fire resistance capacity of concrete better, the following steps should be undertaken. While forming concrete with ordinary Portland cement, the […]

Civil Formulas App | Civil Engineering Formulas | Civil Construction Apps

Civil formulas is a useful free app for civil engineers and construction professionals. This app supports various mechanics formulas like force, Varignon, Bucking, deflection angle, deflection. This app is available in google play store. This app is developed by Jinseon, the renowned android apps developer. The civil engineers can use this app for analysis, design, […]