Collection Of Civil Engineering Design Spreadsheet

Calculate Quantities of Materials for Concrete Design of Retaining Wall Excel Sheet Construction Quantities of Materials Estimate Earthwork Calculation Excel Sheet Daily Work Report Format Road Estimate Excel Sheet Bridge Cost Estimate Worksheet RCC DESIGN EXCEL SHEET Bar Bending Schedule for building reinforcement Reinforced Concrete Design Design of Reinforced Concrete Isolated pad foundation Combined Footing […]

Retaining Wall Construction | Retaining Wall Section Drawing

In this construction video tutorial, you will come to know how to interpret structural drawing at job site for setting up retaining wall in basement construction. The video is very useful for newbie civil engineers to manage the construction perfectly. The video will also provide efficient guidance to both retaining wall designers and retaining wall […]

Earthwork Calculation | Mean Area Method Of Volume Estimation

This construction video tutorial is very useful for quantity surveyors. The tutorial briefly shows how the mean area method is utilized for detecting the earth work. This method is developed on the basis of the hypothesis that the mid area of a pyramid is half the average area of the ends and the end sections […]

Design Stress Strain Curve For Concrete And Steel | RCC Booster

This construction video tutorial will teach you the detailed process for creating the design of stress-strain curve of concrete and steel by adhering to the IS 456:2000. Limit State Method is used here for these curves. As the tensile strength of concrete as compared to compressive strength is very week, it can only withstand compressive […]

Queen Post Truss | King Post Truss Vs Queen Post Truss |

The King post truss & Queen Post truss are part and parcel of the sloping roof. Both of them are found in residential, commercial or industrial buildings. King Post Roof Truss Queen Post Roof Truss 01. A king post contains a central vertical post that is utilized in architectural or bridge designs, dealing with tension […]

Unusual Varieties of Beautiful Staircases

Unusual varieties might sound a little bit frightening, but in fact the professionals and the technology can make almost everything that you can imagine. For that purpose, we give you some pictures which will surely inspire you and tickle your imagination. Therefore, on the pictures below you can see several types of stairs: regular straight […]

Estimation Excel Sheet

Estimation (or estimating) is the process of finding an estimate, or approximation, which is a value that is usable for some purpose even if input data may be incomplete, uncertain, or unstable. The value is nonetheless usable because it is derived from the best information available.Typically, estimation involves “using the value of a statistic derived […]

What is 53 Grade CEMENT?

What is 53 Grade CEMENT? If you go for 53 grade cement, you will get compression strength of 53 mpa (mega pascals) in 28 days. 53 grade cement is available in ordinary mode as well as in special mode. If the initial strength is to be achieved very quickly, it is required to go for […]

Wall Footing Design Steps | Wall Footing Details

Wall footing design is attained with some conjectures that should be contemplated while designing. Linear distribution of soil pressure is considered as the first assumption. If the resultant of soil pressure conforms to the resultant of soil force then this can be only obtained otherwise not. As the rotation of footing can be got rid […]