RCC Design Excel Sheet Download | RCC Building Design XLS

Reinforced cement concrete, which is the acronym for R.C.C, built with steel bar(reinforcement) and concrete mainly used to bear tansile & compressive stress in building material like column, beam, slab and so forth. Concrete has some pros and cons. Concrete’s good quality is to resist compression but on the contrary it is very weak in […]

How To Design A Single Column Footing

This construction video tutorial will train you with detailed processes for designing a single square column footing. In this video, the proper solution is given to the following problem :- Design a single column footing on the basis of the following criteria :- 1) Column = 14” x 14” 2) Steel grade= fy=60 Ksi 3) […]

Measure Everything Only With Your Hands

Measure tricks are always welcomed because we do not always have the necessary measurement tools available. Generally, we need to take the measurements of different objects on daily basis. We can not always have the measuring tools, such as tape measure, ruler, or protractor, with us. For that purpose, we will give you tricks for […]

Concrete Strength | Concrete Porosity | Concrete Cement

The strength of concrete is impacted by various factors. The details are given below :- Concrete porosity: Air and water are the useful substances to fill up voids in concrete. Air voids belong to pores in concrete. When concrete is blended it contains air trapped in the mix. The vibrators are used to clear out […]

How To Calculate The Quantity Of Concrete In Staircase

This is another informative video presented by the Learning Technology. One will be familiar with the detailed process for estimating the concrete volume quantity of staircase. The process is very complicated to find out the concrete volume for a staircase. But it can be done easily if you use AutoCAD. Here the staircase has two […]

Basic Information about Collar Tie Roof

Collar tie roof is similar to the couple close roof. A collar tie is a horizontal member between two rafters and is very common in domestic roof construction. Often collar ties are structural members but they may be used simply to frame a ceiling. In collar tie roof, the horizontal tie is raised up from the feet of the […]

Symbols Used In Construction Drawings | Building Material Symbols

The objective of blueprint drawings employed in the building-construction industry is to demonstrate how a building, object, or system should be built up, applied, rectified, or restored. One of the vital aspects of graphic symbols on construction drawings is to cite other drawings inside the set. In this construction video tutorial, Parag Pal, the renowned […]

What is Concrete Mix Design (CMD)?

Concrete is a very complex material. Its properties as fresh as well hardened concrete is a function of right mix of constituents of concrete, which if not done properly will adversely affect the properties of concrete. Hence right judicious proportion of all the constituents is most important. Concrete mix design (CMD) is therefore scientific and systematic […]