Precise Measurements for the Ideal Kitchen

Precise measures can help you and make your work much easier. Generally, if you know the suggested measurements, you can spend more time planning the other details in the planning. Speaking of suggested measurements, it means there are default dimensions which work with most of the kitchens, needs and people. Also, with these measurements, you […]

Slightly Different Stairs Ideas

These slightly unusual stair ideas will surely surprise you. In this post, you will see some different designs for stairs that will tickle your curiosity and imagination. If you would like to have a more unique home, you can easily experiment with staircases such as these and make them the centerpiece of your home. By […]

Pad Foundation | Reinforced Concrete Isolated | Pad Footing Design Spreadsheet

Foundations deliver support for structures as well as transmit their load to layers of soil or rock that contain adequate bearing capacity and proper settlement characteristics. Foundations facilitate to withstand settlement and other movements of structures and allow construction on ground that might or else contain inadequate bearing capacity. Pad foundations usually belong to shallow foundations, but they can be deep on the […]

How To Design Circular Reinforced Concrete Column | Reinforced Concrete Column Design

Few days ago, engineer SL khan nicely demonstrated about the details of designing a square shaped reinforced concrete column with the help of the ACI codes. In today’s session of learning the author brought to you the most recent details on the topic of designing a circular shaped reinforced concrete column. This exclusive design is performed by […]