Quantity Estimation & Project Planning Software

Quantity Estimation & Project Planning Software QE- Pro®is well-established software for preparing cost estimates from building models. Main Features: Bill of Quantities: Once you have generated building model, with a click of mouse QE-Pro calculates quantities for all items Estimates: QE-Pro prepares the abstract cost estimate of the building by multiplying quantities with corresponding item […]

Site Planning and Design Handbook

  This is a complete site planning handbook reflecting the challenges and concerns of the new millennium. “Site Planning and Design Handbook” bridges the gap between the traditional methods of site planning and design and our growing awareness of sustainability issues. Meticulously written and heavily illustrated with construction details and graphic standards, the Handbook offers […]

Plan Analysis of 3 BHK-Row House (135 sq.mt.)

There are so many ready made plans available online and also in various books. But no plan in world will fit your individual requirement as: 01. Everyone’s choice, taste, requirements life style and culture will be different. 02. All sites in terms area of land, road facing and north orientation are different. 03. Each family’s budget will be […]

8 Factors to Consider when Choosing Windows

Windows can be one of your home’s most attractive features, which give a feeling of openness and space to living areas. They are arranged for the purposes of architectural decoration, apart from light and ventilation. Windows allow light into the room, enhance your wall colours or furniture. Courtesy – 123rf Choosing windows for homes requires many considerations. […]

8 Basic Causes of Cracks in House

The appearance of cracks in house is very common. Its occurrence and development are due to the differential stresses set up in the component of the house. The differential stresses results due to external loads (dead, live, wind or seismic loads).  It also results due to foundation movement and settlement of soil, thermal movements, moisture […]