Simplified Explanations for Retaining Walls

Simplified explanations are useful for all those who want to learn something new. Or, if you want to try to make a DIY project but you need more help and simple explanations. Generally, the conventional retaining walls are the gravity retaining walls, the cantilever walls and the semi-gravity walls. Firstly, the gravity retaining walls are […]

How to Repair Concrete Cracks in RCC Structure or House?

Concrete cracks in a house will definitely frighten anyone and will be a cause for worry. Normally concrete cracks should not appear in well-designed and well-built buildings, but some cracks are unavoidable in the house. Hence concrete cracks repairing becomes the challenging job for the homeowner.     Most of the Owner Panic when Cracked Concrete Appears in […]

Cool Roofing | Construction Roof Styles | Roofing

Construction sector has experienced a sea change over the past few years. With technological evolution, certain internal factors go through a re-innovation process that gives the industry a new perspective. What seems impossible even a year ago becomes in your reach now. The thought of cool roofing comes in the mind after experiencing an uncomfortable […]

8 Basic Causes of Cracks in House

The appearance of cracks in house is very common. Its occurrence and development are due to the differential stresses set up in the component of the house. The differential stresses results due to external loads (dead, live, wind or seismic loads).  It also results due to foundation movement and settlement of soil, thermal movements, moisture […]