How To Estimate Materials For Circular RCC Water Tank

In today’s session of learning we are bringing you an exclusive tutorial delivered by the eminent engineer SL Khan on the material estimation calculation for a circular RCC water tank. Circular water tank material calculation is so simple and uncomplicated. In this tutorial calculation for cement, sand, crushed stone and steel for given circular water […]

How To Place Lighting In Your Home

As you can see, the infographic offering practical solutions adapted to all interiors of the house. We found out for example that lighting above a kitchen island is imperative for safety as well as aesthetics and that it is advisable that three fixtures be placed 72 inches above the floor or 24-34 inches above the […]

Introducing Adjustable LED Stair Lighting Strips

STAIRS LED Stair Lighting KLUS offers a wide range of LED stair lighting solutions for your staircase lighting requirements. Choose from a wide selection of extrusions; especially STEP profile that offers top and bottom LED stair illumination. Turn on the top LED to light the upper edge of each step or the bottom one to […]

Procedures on how to Design Reinforced Concrete Columns

Tie Design Standards ACI Standards Columns Bars Details ACI Column Splice Details ACI Bar Bending Details ACI Bar Bending Details ACI Column Ties Requirements Structural Design for column using Interaction Diagram Interaction Diagram plot using Column design software and MS Excel Spreadsheet Example of ACI Interaction Diagram. Interaction Diagram-Rectangular Section-Courtesy of ACI Interaction Diagram-Spiral Column-Courtesy […]