Things to Check Before Concreting Footings

General practice is to check when the footings are ready for concreting i.e. reinforcement is entirely tied up. However, the ideal practice would be to check it in two phase. 01. Check Formwork as well as soil strata Before you allow placing of reinforcement, check the formwork and soil strata. It is necessary as certain […]

Benefits of Grillage Foundation

Grillage Foundation design is mostly suitable for heavy structural loads from columns, piers or beams which are essential to transmit bearing capacity of a soil relatively inferior. The grillage foundation can easily disperse the load over a broad area of the subsoil. This foundation facilitates to resist deep excavations because the required base area is […]


Straight Run Staircase This is the most plain staircase with the flight of stairs is all in one direction. If your home is to have standard ceiling height, the chances are you could go and buy a straight run staircase from Home Depot. They’re uncomplicated and inexpensive to build. If your home is to have […]

Examples of calculating moment of inertia of compound shape. Ixx, Iyy, Ixy

Composite Section Solution:   RECTANGLE Tan(θ)=6/8=0.75 θ=-arctan(0.75)= -37° (Clockwise rotation is generally assumed negative) I ̅xx=  (Iaa+Ibb)/2+((Ibb-Iaa)/2)×cos⁡2θ-Iabxsin2θ = 384.8 I ̅yy=(Iaa+Ibb)/2-(Ibb-Iaa)/2×cos⁡2θ+Iab sin⁡(2θ)=295.2 I ̅xy=((Ibb-Iaa)/2)*sin⁡2θ + Iab*cos⁡2θ=-153.6 Ixx=I ̅xx+d^2×A=384.8+(5.8)^2×60=2403.2 Iyy=I ̅yy+d^2×A=295.2+(5.25)^2×60=1948.95 Ixy=I ̅xy+X ̅Y ̅×A=-153.6+5.8×5.25×60=1673.4 TRIANGLE Ixx=(b×h^3)/12=(6×8^3)/12=256 Iyy=(8×6^3)/12=144 Ixy=(b^2×h^2)/24=96 RECTANGLE+TRIANGLE Ixx=2659.2 Iyy= 2092.95 Ixy=1769.4