Things to Check Before Concreting Footings

General practice is to check when the footings are ready for concreting i.e. reinforcement is entirely tied up. However, the ideal practice would be to check it in two phase. 01. Check Formwork as well as soil strata Before you allow placing of reinforcement, check the formwork and soil strata. It is necessary as certain […]


POST TENSIONING IN REHABILITATION OF STRUCTURES Post tensioning has become very popular these days sensing the advantages it provides. Even small structures of G+2 are using post tensioning these days. The application of post tensioning has increased and it is well being used for restoration, rehabilitation and strengthening of structures. Here is a case study […]

Stairs and Terms Relating Stairs

Stairs :- A series of steps which provide access from one floor to another is called a stair. Stair Case : The part of building accommodating the stair is known as stair case. Important Technical Terms : Step :- The combination of a tread and a riser supported by a string is called step. · […]

Role of Shear Connector in Composite Structure

A Shear connector belongs to a steel projection to be applied on the top flange of steel composite bridge girders to transmit required shear among the steel girder and composite slab to facilitate composite action. The headed stud is mostly recognized form of shear connector, or shear stud. Other forms of shear connector range from […]


Anchored walls have become popular in braced excavations because of a) the substantial progress in the technology and availability of high-capacity anchor systems, and b) the absence of interior obstructions that permit uninterrupted earth moving and thus improve the construction conditions of the underground portion of a building (Xanthakos, 1994). Figures 1 and 2 show […]