Calculate the quantity of concrete in staircase

This is another informative video presented by the Learning Technology. One will be familiar with the detailed process for estimating the concrete volume quantity of staircase. The process is very complicated to find out the concrete volume for a staircase. But it can be done easily if you use AutoCAD. Here the staircase has two […]

Fails in Construction: Mistakes or Incompetence?

Fails in construction are rare but when it happens don’t you wonder what happened and why? First, an architect plans the project. Next, a civil engineer reviews it and makes sure the plans are viable for the actual construction process. After this, the construction workers work according to project requirements. At which point in this […]

Correctly positioning accessories in your brand new bathroom

Correctly placing the elements the bathroom has is the most important step of bathroom arrangement. When the builders are just reading the blueprints, they do not think about the height of the owner or his/her manners and needs. So, we found a professional interior decorator, artist and author of a blog – Oksana’s drawings and explaining. […]

How to measure the quantity of asphalt in road construction

This construction video shows the detailed process for measuring the quantity of Asphalt in road. Asphalt belongs to a blend of aggregates, binder and filler. It is mainly applied for developing and preserving all kind of roads, parking areas as well as play and sport areas. Various types of aggregates like crushed rock, sand, gravel […]

How to arrange reinforced steel bars in a beam on jobsite

This construction video, created by Dr. Chirag N. Patel, will guide you how to tie reinforcement steel bars (bottom bars, middle bars, top bars, stirrups) in the beam on a construction site. In a concrete construction, there are various steps like forming, grading, placing, and finishing to obtain the best results. Among these steps, one […]