Designing a Staircase with Proper Tread and Riser

Staircase construction as the most complicated job from all and the most math needed sequence from the process, needs a lot of experience and knowledge for construction. Even it seems easy when you have the treads and risers but actually it isn’t. The video bellow shows a staircase design with all numerical details included and […]

Load in Buildings some Interesting Points

Broadly classified as vertical loads, horizontal loads and longitudinal loads are the types of loads acting on structures for buildings and other structures. The vertical loads consist of dead load, live load and impact load. The horizontal loads comprises of wind load and earthquake load. The longitudinal loads i.e. tractive and braking forces are considered […]

Super Structure Building Construction

Super Structure Building Construction All exposed corners of columns and beams shall have straight edges and shall be champhered if specified in architectural drawings. Concreting of columns , beams, facias, and thin sections of concrete members shall be carried out using approved  plasticiser as per manufacturers specifications. Concrete pouring , testing, removal of formwork and […]

Structural Design Process

The whole procedure of structural planning  and configuration requires creative energy and applied thinking as well as in-depth knowledge of handy perspectives, for example, newest outline codes and bye-laws, upheld by sufficient experience, establishment and judgment. It is underscored that any structure to be developed must fulfill the need productivity for which it is proposed […]

Bridge Box Girder

A box girder (also known as tubular girder) is a girder that forms an enclosed tube or hollow box like structure with multiple walls. The proceeding with development of roadway system all through the world is generally the consequence of awesome increment in movement, populace and broad development of metropolitan urban territories. This extension has […]

Consultancy in Construction

Civil Engineers generally act as experts by getting to be the employees or self employed entities for building counseling organizations. These advisors frequently give plan and investigation administrations. They plan and outline structures, spans, expressways, water treatment plants, harbors, railways, and airplane terminals. They additionally do natural reviews to anticipate water and soil defilement amid […]

Types of Steel bridges

Steel bridges may be classified into various types according to: the kind of traffic carried, the kind of main structural system, the position of the carriage way subjective to the main structural system Classification based on kind of traffic carried Based on traffic carried, bridges can be categorized into following types: Road bridges or Highway […]

Structural Details of Stair Construction Process

The construction of a house is huge and job that requires many professionals involved (Structural Details of Stair Construction Process): architects, engineers, woodworkers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers… There are so many plans needed to be done, thought well before everything starts with the installation and construction. Plans, calculations, positioning, buying all needed materials and more.   […]