How to Reinforce a Retaining Wall

This construction video is based on a construction sequence animation. The animation is created for arranging the reinforcement of a single retaining wall panel. Some useful information on Retaining Walls: A retaining wall must hold all the soil between itself and the failure plane. The failure plane is the angle at which the soil can retain […]

Brief overview of Road Cambers

This construction video will provide information on the road camber and its types. Road camber refers to the slope that is arranged in crosswise direction in highways. There are three types of road cambers like sloped camber, parabolic camber and composite camber. Camber is useful for discharging rain water from road surface as rain water […]

Reinforcement Columns

Consider a column with cross section 300×300. This is the smallest allowable column section when seismic behavior is required. It is reinforced with 4 longitudinal bars and one stirrup. The cross section described is not generally used but it was chosen in this introductory paragraph for training purposes. The column has a length of 2.70 […]

The Ways of making a Soundproof Floor

In internal concrete and wood floors the resistance to sound transmission is achieved by several ways(The Ways of making a Soundproof Floor). First is the mass of the floor, applying sound-insulating material at some point of manufacture, and the formation of voids between a heavy element of construction (e.g., concrete slab) and a thin and […]

How to compute materials in Plain Cement Concrete

This construction video will briefly teach you how to measure the binding material, fine and coarse aggregates determination for Plain Cement Concrete (PCC). Initially, the estimation is made for cement then sand and finally for crushed stone. Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) refers to the construction material that is usually applied as the binding materials. It […]

Very useful construction tips to design a rectangular beam

This construction video sifts through the phases which are essential to create the design of a rectangular beam. The total steps are divided as follow :- The first step – Process for detecting the depth of beam :- The Formula for Depth of beam is = l/16 (Here l stands for the length or span […]

Download the specifications for reinforcement steel

Rebar (a shortened form for reinforcing bar), also recognized as reinforcing steel/reinforcement steel, stands for a steel bar or mesh of steel wires to be applied like a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to improve the strength as well as retain the concrete in tension. Reinforcing bars are hot-rolled with various […]

Some construction tips to construction stirrups for RC Beam

This construction video provides demonstration on how to develop stirrups for RC Beam construction. In concrete beams, depth always differs. If the beam has greater depth, the shear strength will be increased. If the depth is inadequate, steel stirrups should be included to enhance the shear capacity of the beam. These stirrups generally belong to […]

Kitchen: Ergonomics & Circulation

In order your kitchen to be adequate circulation to perform a good job (Kitchen: Ergonomics & Circulation), here are some measures that can be used as standard: Minimum passage for one person is 60 cm, passage for two people should be 120 cm and minimum distance for a person to crouch is 76 cm. The distance when there […]