Graphic Standards Everyone Should “Read” and Understand

  Having an architectural drawing in front of you means you should know something about “Graphic Standards Everyone Should “Read” and Understand”. Some symbols are obvious and everyone can understand what does it refer to: stairs, walls.. but, there are some symbols and other graphic elements we can’t understand what they mean. That’s why is […]

Anchoring in Masonry Structures – Types, Installation, Anchorage Length and Strength

Anchors in masonry structures are commonly used to attach different structural and nonstructural masonry components. Types, installation, anchorage length and its strength is discussed. The structural members which required anchors to be attached to masonry involves ledger beam, girders, floor and roof diaphragms, and other members that possibly need to transfer their load to the […]


Rebound hammer test (Schmidt Hammer) is used  to  provide  a  convenient  and rapid indication of the compressive strength of concrete. It consists of a spring controlled mass that slides on a plunger within a tubular housing. The operation of rebound hammer is shown in the fig.1. When the plunger of rebound hammer is pressed against […]


Quality control in concrete repair works essential to regain lost strength in concrete due to cracks or other damages. Concrete repairs are required when structural members get damaged or cracks. The reason for cracks or damages can be many. It can be due to over-stressing, poor construction practices, environmental exposures, chemical attacks or with age […]