Full House Plan Offering Simplicity and Functionality

House in Khimki (Ximki-house) in Russia is presenting here the full plan for its construction. It is a great project by Sboev3 Architect who made this plan very popular by its functionality and simplicity it offers. All the beauty here is the simple facade, excellent home arrangement and wonderful plan for making all elements compact […]

Contemporary Facade and Modern Home Plan

1600 sq.f. are the area which can be used for building a spectacular house with contemporary look like the project bellow.  The house offers three bedrooms located on the first level where is a living room area also, and two bathrooms. The ground level is huge living space with kitchen and dining room, toilet and […]

Huge Apartment in Spain of Only 21 square meters

Living in a small apartment has many advantages even so it doesn’t seems possible. But, yes, living in small space means having all near, less time for cleaning, interesting multi-functional furniture, unique design (because every small apartment is unique) and more. This is a very tiny apartment of only 21 sq. m. and several layers […]

LED Lighting Effects an Interior can Get

The LED lights can make the spectacular effect in the home interior and pleasant space in your home. The home looks very simple and dull if the lighting is not planned as it should be. Well organised interior should find the spots that would give the interior perfect ambiental look and excellent unique touch. Excellent […]

Advices for Working with Self-Leveling Underlayment

There are rough, uneven floors and floors that are a little out of level that need to be installed with some kind of flooring (Tips for Working with Self-Leveling Underlayment). No matter if you are installing ceramic tiles, floating laminate planks or carpet, there is a self-leveling underlayment that is a great solution for these […]