Exclusive Excel Sheets the Structural Engineering Use

Using Excel is very helpful in any engineering industry because of its possibilities to make automated calculations, arranging big amounts of data, providing crucial analysis information with the help of conditional formatting and/or automated charts and graphs. This computer program is very important and wide used in structural engineering. An average structure contains numerous structural members. […]

Truss Analysis of the Method of Joints System Video

The main function of the trusses is to support roof, strengthen bridges, or support towers. They are developed for sustaining loads. Generally they are built with long, straight members associated with joints at the end of each member. Jeff Hanson shows the method of joints system in order how to discover a zero force member for […]

Google SketchUp and all the work you can do with it

There are many computer programs that allow the architects do their work faster, easier and more detailed than they can do on a paper. Google SketchUp is another way to make your projects representative, clear and beautiful. There are many details of the construction needed to be prior planned and well drawn. This program will […]


From the Chrysler building to the Colosseum, there are many buildings that have decorated and graced our skylines, that it is almost impossible to choose which one is the brightest. There are many famous architects that have made iconic designs and world’s most famous buildings. But, there are always exceptions and everyone can’t be good in […]

Check this Smart Designs of a Kitchen

When your kitchen needs improvement or you are arranging your kitchen for the first time, plan to be perfect! Be aware of all the needed dimensions of every element there, fridge, stove and similar, for normal use of them. People are making their kitchens according to the size of their kitchen space, of the location […]