What is 1.54 in Concrete While Calculating Quantity Of Sand Cement and Aggregate?

We are going to explain the importance of 1.54 in concrete while we calculate the quantity of sand, cement, and aggregate.


Volume of one cube which containing length×width×height = 1x1x1 = 1m3

The figure (1m3) is addressed as wet volume.

If wet volume is converted into dry volume then the dry volume is raised 54% of wet volume.

Hence, Dry volume =1+(54/100×1)=1.54 m3

The dry volume of total materials needed is taken as 1.54 times the wet volume of concrete. This is because of the voids which are existent in sand and aggregates in dry stage.


The dry volume of concrete is equal to one and half times of wet volume. But it is better to use 1.54 for calculating dry volume.

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